This time I’d like to share some piece of code I find very useful when experimenting with GStreamer. This includes writing some small tests to understand some features and all sort of debugging of specific cases after distilling them from larger applications.


The thing is that I don’t want to start over and over again with the common stuff whenever I want to quickly hack a GStreamer application. This is mostly about writing the main() function and some bits and pieces:

  • parse command line options
  • initialise GStreamer
  • create the pipeline
  • optionally add a probe
  • optionally send EOS

At the same time I want to keep it simple and not turn it into some versatile utility which would obfuscate the main idea. Plain simple. I know there’s gst-template project but as I understand it’s more GStreamer plugin oriented and helps with some GLib/GObject boilerplate.

The template

The goal for this “template” is to be reusable but mostly for some throw-away prototypes or tests. But still I wanted to keep the quality as high as possible, include proper error checking etc. as in practice a lot of prototype code ends up in production.

The cool thing about it is that it reads the pipeline description from the command line which is very useful when experimenting/debugging. It also offers sending EOS event upon SIGINT (-e), adding probe on a pad (-p) and verbose output (-v) if e.g. one wants see the output of a identity element. There are few gaps to fill in, all marked with TODO, e.g. the type of probe and probe return value. As I said I didn’t want to over-complicate this so I left it to edit in the code.

Building and running

The source code is available here. This time I’m using uninstalled version of GStreamer’s master branch. On my Debian laptop I build it as follows:

libtool --mode=link \
  gcc -O2 \
  $(pkg-config --cflags --libs gstreamer-1.0) \
  gst-test-app.c \
  -o /tmp/test

And a couple of tests:

[kris@lenovo-x1 master]$ /tmp/test -e fakesrc ! fakesink
** Message: Running...
^C** Message: Handling interrupt:  forcing EOS on the pipeline

** Message: End of stream
** Message: Returned, stopping playback
[kris@lenovo-x1 master]$ /tmp/test -e -p "sink:sink" videotestsrc num-buffers=5 ! fakesink name=sink
** Message: Successfully installed probe on 'sink:sink'
** Message: Running...
Got event: stream-start

** (lt-test:27135): WARNING **: TODO: Implement me!!!
Got event: caps

** (lt-test:27135): WARNING **: TODO: Implement me!!!
Got event: segment

** (lt-test:27135): WARNING **: TODO: Implement me!!!
Got event: eos

** (lt-test:27135): WARNING **: TODO: Implement me!!!
** Message: End of stream
** Message: Returned, stopping playback

Voilà! Enjoy!


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