On my laptop I have two types of Git repositories. Some of them are open source projects, to which I may occasionally (try to) contribute. There are also my daily work repositories which belong to a company I work for. If I happen to make some changes and mean to publish them, my name along with my email address appear in commits. For open source projects, preferably I use my private email, while for the company projects it’s a requisite company’s email address.

Currently, in my global Git configuration the default email address is my private one. But now for each company’s repository I had to configure the company’s email address. This was annoying and quite often I forgot about it and even submitted my changes for a review with the wrong email address. Also in the past, when my company email address was the default one, I had the same situation with open source projects.

I thought there must be a way to get this right. I already had repositories organised with all the open source ones stored under ~/sources/oss, while the company ones under ~/sources/company. So I wanted to tell Git that anything under ~/sources/company should use my company email address.

Some time ago I saw on Mastodon someone suggesting a convenient alias to improve Git skills by checking some more esoteric, but quite often extremely useful features, on a random basis:

alias git-rtfm='man $(find /usr/share/man -name "git-*" | sed "s/.*\///;s/\..*//" | shuf -n1)'

Honestly, I’m not there yet to read a single Git man page a day, but at least it’s something always at the back of my mind: if I know what I need, I’ll likely find it. So this time, git-config’s conditional includes and gitdir to the rescue. I ended up with this in my ~/.config/git/config:

	name = Krzysztof Konopko
	email = krzysztof.konopko@amk.zone

[includeIf "gitdir:~/sources/company/"]
	path = ~/sources/company/company-git.inc

and ~/sources/company/company-git.inc:

	email = kris@company.tld



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